Ukrainian Journal of  Physical and  Rehabilitation Medicine №2 (02) 2018


In this issue you’ll find such articles:

  • Phase planning of individual rehabilitation for servicements with amputated lower limbs – O.N. Volianskyi, A.J. Kich, V.V. Korchenok
  • Features of physical rehabilitation of patients with herniated intervertebral discs who underwent epidural adhesiolysis – I. Fishchenko, I. Roy, L. Kravchuk
  • The modern look at the problem of chronic pelvic pain in women and methods of physical rehabilitation – N. Vladimirova, A. Vasylkov, V. Kovach
  • The application of method for determination of functional impairment among patients with coxarthrosis to assess the efficiency of preparation for the planned surgery of total hip replacement – V. Kryuchok, Yu. Liskovskaya
  • Clinical efficacy of comprehensive, phased, rehabilitation at the primary and secondary level of medical care in patients with hemorrhagic stroke – L. Andriyuk, I. Magulko
  • Diagnostic and prognostic value of immunological and biochemical parametersin sportsmen in the rehabilitation process – D.V. Popovich, V.V. Hrushko