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The main goal of the scientific journal “Ukrainian Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” is to inform our health care workers of Ukraine, the public, scientists, teachers of medical universities, employees of research institutes of medical and biological profiles about the results of basic and applied research in physical and rehabilitation medicine, current trends and processes in the healthcare industry.

The journal "Ukrainian Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine" accepts for publication articles, short messages, letters to the editor, and other ones containing original research materials on the following topics:

Informatization of the health care system.

Medical, informational, export and intelligent healthcare systems.

Information technology systems research on physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Medical, hospital and rehabilitation information systems.

Optimization of the management of the processes of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Telemetric technologies, mathematical modelling in medicine, pharmacology and biology.

Evidence-based medicine.

Modern information technologies for obtaining, storing, transmitting and analysing medical and biological information.

Obtaining and analysis of medical and biological research in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Computer diagnostics of diseases and computer prediction of the course and consequences of the pathological process.

Development and use of biometric methods knowledge structuring, knowledge base, organization of knowledge search and processing, knowledge dissemination, modern information technologies of medical and biological education of self-education means, theory and practice of distance education, problems of building public knowledge, computer science of society, other.

National security and trends in the development of physical and rehabilitation medicine in medical and biological informatics. The editorial board’s decision may also include reviews on current issues of medical informatics and engineering, physical work, the price of medicine, research, reviews, reference and informational materials, educational materials, announcements of scientific events and messages of advertising content.

The decision on publication is made by the editorial board based on the results of the evaluation of articles. The editors are not obliged to explain the reasons for refusing to publish an article. Materials sent to the editors are not returned to the authors. Manuscripts must submit materials that have not been previously published and have not been presented in other publications.