Ukrainian Journal Of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine № 3-4 (3) 2018


In this issue you’ll find such articles:

- Substantion of differentiated programs of sanstorium-resort rehabilitation of children in stage of remission of oncological diseases with concomitant pathology.

-Gestational diabetes: diagnostics, risk factors, current rehabilitation aspects.

- Cooperation between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine.

- Legislative documents on rehabilitation in Ukraine.

- Education plan and program of thematic improvement cycle “Physical and Rehabilitation for Cardio-Pulmonary pathology and Elderly Persons”/

- Education plan and program of thematic improvement cycle “International classification of functioning, disability and health: theoretic and practical usage”.

- Program of education discipline “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” for forth year of training of Second (Master) level. Knowledge area: 22 Health care, Specialty: 222 “Medicine”.

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